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Korean pension fund plans to invest in bitcoinETF

Published:2019-11-29 20:41:49 Bitcoin news 2369second
It is reported that Korean teachers' Credit Union(ktcu)Is a public pension fund in South Korea that is seeking to exchange funds through cryptocurrencies(ETF)Get bitcoin(BTC)Exposure.

It is reported that the Korean public pension fund, the Korean teachers' Credit Union(ktcu)Seeking to exchange funds through cryptocurrencies(ETF)Get bitcoin(BTC)Risk exposure according to Korea economic daily, a local news agency(Korea Economic Daily)It was reported on Monday that one of the largest institutional investors in South Koreaktcu, considering2022Investment in pure bitcoin in the first half ofETFOr bitcoin relatedETF

According to the report,ktcuConsidering investing in bitcoinETFProducts, including Korean asset management companyfuture asset global investment companyProducts. The company was established on2021year4Through its Canadian subsidiaryhorizons ETFTwoETFTo track the value of bitcoin futures. as report goes,ktcu"In view of Korea future Asset Global Investment Corporation(Korea future asset Global Investment Corporation)And other asset management companies have some mature cryptocurrency linksETFProducts, we plan to invest after consulting with domestic asset management companiesETFProducts. “

The senior manager also mentioned the future asset subsidiaryglobal x ETFBitcoinETFPotential investment of the company in7Submitted bitcoin to the US Securities and Exchange Commission in JuneETFapply

According to the report,ktcuIt is the second largest institutional investor in Korea and manages assets402USD100mn The pension fund will40%Investment in alternative assets,10%For domestic shares,9%For international stocks.KtcuIts bitcoin has not been determined yetETFScale and other details of the investment plan during this period, global pension funds became increasingly interested in obtaining cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and the risk exposure of major companies in the industry. It is reported that last week, the Houston firefighter relief and retirement fund purchased2500$million bitcoin and ether(ETH)。 The Ontario teachers' Pension Plan Board announced on Thursday that it has participated in major cryptocurrency exchangesFTXof4.2US $billion financing. (telegram)